Waterfall Family History

Deptford, Kent, England


Tree: London Waterfalls

Latitude: 51.4805981, Longitude: -0.0066649


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GIBSON Annie  1875Deptford, Kent, England I207
2 GIBSON John Nathaniel  18 Mar 1878Deptford, Kent, England I208
3 TAYLOR Benjamin  c.1881Deptford, Kent, England I226
4 TAYLOR Eliza  c. 1875Deptford, Kent, England I225
5 TAYLOR Eliza Emma  9 Mar 1865Deptford, Kent, England I221
6 TAYLOR Emily  c. 1885Deptford, Kent, England I227
7 TAYLOR Henry George  c1873Deptford, Kent, England I224
8 TAYLOR Herbert Edward  29 Jan 1867Deptford, Kent, England I228
9 TAYLOR Herbert Edward  c. 1870Deptford, Kent, England I223
10 TAYLOR Martha  6 Feb 1868Deptford, Kent, England I222
11 TAYLOR Sarah Ann  28 Apr 1863Deptford, Kent, England I220
12 TYLER Annie  c.1896Deptford, Kent, England I230
13 WATERFALL Alice  1875Deptford, Kent, England I45
14 WATERFALL Alice  27 Aug 1879Deptford, Kent, England I31
15 WATERFALL Annie  24 Nov 1866Deptford, Kent, England I35
16 WATERFALL Benjamin  10 Apr 1873Deptford, Kent, England I44
17 WATERFALL Benjamin  10 Apr 1876Deptford, Kent, England I25
18 WATERFALL Benjamin W  26 Feb 1847Deptford, Kent, England I5
19 WATERFALL Caroline Sarah  02 Nov 1839Deptford, Kent, England I21
20 WATERFALL Charles  29 Mar 1878Deptford, Kent, England I24
21 WATERFALL Christiana  22 Feb 1871Deptford, Kent, England I43
22 WATERFALL Earnest  21 Dec 1880Deptford, Kent, England I36
23 WATERFALL Elizabeth  16 Jan 1842Deptford, Kent, England I18
24 WATERFALL Elizabeth  18 Nov 1868Deptford, Kent, England I33
25 WATERFALL Emily  12 May 1870Deptford, Kent, England I27
26 WATERFALL George  25 Aug 1882Deptford, Kent, England I30
27 WATERFALL Grace Hannah  12 May 1864Deptford, Kent, England I26
28 WATERFALL Henry  20 Nov 1874Deptford, Kent, England I34
29 WATERFALL James Morgan  02 Jun 1862Deptford, Kent, England I178
30 WATERFALL John  10 Jul 1836Deptford, Kent, England I8
31 WATERFALL John  02 Nov 1862Deptford, Kent, England I32
32 WATERFALL Martha Sarah  07 Oct 1834Deptford, Kent, England I9
33 WATERFALL Sarah  25 Feb 1844Deptford, Kent, England I19
34 WATERFALL Susannah  15 Jun 1861Deptford, Kent, England I29
35 WATERFALL Thomas Simpson  03 Jul 1836Deptford, Kent, England I11
36 WATERFALL William  10 Jun 1871Deptford, Kent, England I28


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SIMPSON Caroline Isabella  1 Nov 1811Deptford, Kent, England I17


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GODSON Sarah  15 Nov 1837Deptford, Kent, England I13
2 PERRY Martha  10 Jul 1854Deptford, Kent, England I2
3 TAYLOR Herbert Edward  1871Deptford, Kent, England I223
4 WATERFALL Earnest  29 Jan 1883Deptford, Kent, England I36
5 WATERFALL Emily  12 Jun 1871Deptford, Kent, England I27
6 WATERFALL Henry  31 Dec 1857Deptford, Kent, England I7
7 WATERFALL Henry  10 Oct 1875Deptford, Kent, England I34
8 WATERFALL Martha Sarah  Oct 1874Deptford, Kent, England I9
9 WATERFALL Susannah  19 Jun 1862Deptford, Kent, England I29
10 WATERFALL Thomas Simpson  07 Jun 1924Deptford, Kent, England I11
11 WATERFAUL Thomas  15 Oct 1846Deptford, Kent, England I16