Waterfall Family History



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R9 Ancestry.co.uk Warwickshire Waterfalls 
2 R21 Ancestry.co.uk Yorkshire Waterfalls 
3 R11 Ancestry.com London Waterfalls 
4 R8 Ancestry.com London Waterfalls 
5 R34 Ancestry.com Derbyshire Waterfalls 
6 R17 Austrian Newspaper Online Warwickshire Waterfalls 
7 R23 Births, Deaths, Marriages and Citizenship Derbyshire Waterfalls 
8 R19 Borthwick Institute Yorkshire Waterfalls 
9 R12 British Library Derbyshire Waterfalls 
10 R5 British Newspaper Library Warwickshire Waterfalls 
11 R30 Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Service Warwickshire Waterfalls 
12 R15 City of Westminster Archives Centre Derbyshire Waterfalls 
13 REPO1 Commonwealth War Graves Commission Yorkshire Waterfalls 
14 R14 Derbyshire Record Office Derbyshire Waterfalls 
15 R2 Dorset History Centre Warwickshire Waterfalls 
16 R18 Family Search Warwickshire Waterfalls 
17 R25 Family Search Warwickshire Waterfalls 
18 R13 General Record Office Warwickshire Waterfalls 
19 R2 General Register Office Derbyshire Waterfalls 
20 R15 General Register Office of Belfast Yorkshire Waterfalls 
21 R26 Gloucestershire Archives Warwickshire Waterfalls 
22 R17 Greater Manchester County Record Office Derbyshire Waterfalls 
23 R10 Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Yorkshire Waterfalls 
24 R22 Jersey Heritage Warwickshire Waterfalls 
25 R4 Lancashire Archives Derbyshire Waterfalls 
26 R20 Lancashire County Council Warwickshire Waterfalls 
27 R23 Library and Archives of Canada Yorkshire Waterfalls 
28 R7 Library of Birmingham Derbyshire Waterfalls 
29 R35 Lincolnshire Archives Derbyshire Waterfalls 
30 R19 Liverpool Record Office Warwickshire Waterfalls 
31 R8 London Family History Centre Warwickshire Waterfalls 
32 R10 London Family History Centre Derbyshire Waterfalls 
33 R10 London Metropolitan Archives London Waterfalls 
34 R5 London Metropolitan Archives London Waterfalls 
35 R16 London Metropolitan Archives Derbyshire Waterfalls 
36 R12 London Metropolitan Archives Warwickshire Waterfalls 
37 R13 Manchester City Archives Yorkshire Waterfalls 
38 R21 Manchester City Library Warwickshire Waterfalls 
39 R24 Národní Archiv Warwickshire Waterfalls 
40 REPO4 National Archives and Records Administration Warwickshire Waterfalls 
41 R23 National Archives of South Africa Warwickshire Waterfalls 
42 R11 Nicola Waterfall Yorkshire Waterfalls 
43 R28 Nicola Waterfall Derbyshire Waterfalls 
44 R32 Papers Past (www.paperspast.natlib.govt.nz) Warwickshire Waterfalls 
45 R26 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Derbyshire Waterfalls 
46 R13 Principle Probate Registry London Waterfalls 
47 R12 Principle Probate Registry Yorkshire Waterfalls 
48 R1 Principle Probate Registry Warwickshire Waterfalls 
49 R6 Principle Probate Registry Derbyshire Waterfalls 
50 R31 Public Record Office Victoria Warwickshire Waterfalls 

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