Waterfall Family History

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England


Tree: Yorkshire Waterfalls

Latitude: 53.3811290, Longitude: -1.4700850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Fred  1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I351
2 BURROWS Ann  15 Jul 1821Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I368
3 BURROWS John  20 Aug 1818Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I367
4 BURROWS Mary  17 May 1827Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I369
5 BURROWS Samuel Henry  26 May 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I366
6 CHARLSWORTH Gemima  Abt 1745Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I221
7 COPLEY Albert Edward Waterfall  1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I339
8 COPLEY Beatrice mary  12 Sep 1875Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I341
9 COPLEY Walter Frank  1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I340
10 COWLEY Mary Ann  30 Jul 1804Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17
11 HATFIELD Percy Waterfall  1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I248
12 PYE Albert Waterfall  Jun 1856Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I344
13 PYE Alice  Dec 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I347
14 PYE John Waterfall  Sep 1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I345
15 PYE Kate Ellen  Mar 1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I343
16 PYE Kate Waterfall  Jun 1862Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I346
17 PYE Mary Ann Smilter  Sep 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I342
18 PYE William Smilter  Nov 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I348
19 SMILTER Mary  1802Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I148
20 SOCKETT Emma  1875Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I304
21 SPENCER Alice  Aug 1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I37
22 TOWNSEND Peter F  1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I411
23 TURTON William  Abt 1842Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I41
24 WALKER Edith Ann  Abt 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I438
25 WATERFALL Adam  22 Aug 1788Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I7
26 WATERFALL Agnes Mary  30 May 1845Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I24
27 WATERFALL Albert  19 Apr 1840Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I154
28 WATERFALL Albert  1 Dec 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I392
29 WATERFALL Alfred  28 Dec 1826Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I335
30 WATERFALL Alfred  1857Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I244
31 WATERFALL Alice Maria  1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I384
32 WATERFALL Ann  03 May 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I334
33 WATERFALL Ann  Abt 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I168
34 WATERFALL Ann  1842Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I239
35 WATERFALL Ann Elizabeth Copley  1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I162
36 WATERFALL Arnold  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I261
37 WATERFALL Austin  21 Oct 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I253
38 WATERFALL Bernard  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I251
39 WATERFALL Catherine  1789Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I226
40 WATERFALL Catherine  1838Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I153
41 WATERFALL Charles  1840Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I237
42 WATERFALL Charlesworth  Abt 1780Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4
43 WATERFALL Constance Mabel  1888Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I250
44 WATERFALL David  Abt 1785Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I6
45 WATERFALL Edith Maud  1888Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I388
46 WATERFALL Elizabeth  28 Sep 1832Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I151
47 WATERFALL Fanny  1854Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I242
48 WATERFALL Fanny  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I265
49 WATERFALL Florence  1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I300
50 WATERFALL Florence Annie  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I389

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fanny  Feb 1908Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I236
2 KINGSTON Mary Ann  1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I296
3 MARSH Emma Mary  23 Sep 1950Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I303
4 PYE Mary Ann Smilter  May 1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I342
5 WATERFALL Agnes Mary  Nov 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I24
6 WATERFALL Albert  Feb 1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I164
7 WATERFALL Alice Maria  1968Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I384
8 WATERFALL Ann  Feb 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I168
9 WATERFALL Ann Elizabeth Copley  Aug 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I162
10 WATERFALL Arnold  20 Dec 1946Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I261
11 WATERFALL Edith Maud  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I388
12 WATERFALL Fanny  Feb 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I242
13 WATERFALL Florence Annie  1939Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I389
14 WATERFALL Frederick W H  1935Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I399
15 WATERFALL George  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I264
16 WATERFALL Jemima  Jan 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11
17 WATERFALL Jemima  Jul 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I150
18 WATERFALL John, jnr  Feb 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I10
19 WATERFALL John  16 May 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I234
20 WATERFALL John Frederick  1950Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I385
21 WATERFALL John Henry  04 Jul 1938Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I298
22 WATERFALL John William L  1957Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I161
23 WATERFALL Joseph  Bef 1793Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I3
24 WATERFALL Kate  Sep 1955Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I246
25 WATERFALL Louis Stephen  1952Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I387
26 WATERFALL Margaret  Feb 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I59
27 WATERFALL Mary  18 Jul 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I217
28 WATERFALL Robert  08 Dec 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I315
29 WATERFALL Samuel  Aug 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1
30 WATERFALL Stanley  1971Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I391
31 WATERFALL William  6 Jan 1904Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I333
32 WATERFALL William Walter  May 1824Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I167
33 WATERFALL Winifred  1977Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprentiship    Person ID 
1 WATERFALL John  1784Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COWLEY Mary Ann  07 Sep 1804Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17

Census 1841

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1841    Person ID 
1 CROWSHAW Mary  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I233
2 WATERFALL Alfred  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I335
3 WATERFALL Christopher  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I229
4 WATERFALL George  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I332
5 WATERFALL Samuel  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I336
6 WATERFALL Stephen  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I228
7 WATERFALL William  6 Jun 1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I333

Census 1911

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1911    Person ID 
1 CLARK Gertrude Evelyn  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I398
2 WATERFALL John Frederick  2 Apr 1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I385

History Note

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History Note    Person ID 
1 WATERFALL Maurice  27 Sep 1919Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 WATERFALL Maurice  8 Dec 1915Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I386


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HATFIELD / WATERFALL  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F94
2 Hill / WATERFALL  1947Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F144
3 PYE / WATERFALL  11 Mar 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F68
4 Townsend / WATERFALL  1935Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F140
5 WATERFALL /   1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F113
6 WATERFALL /   Abt 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F18
7 WATERFALL / BRADSHAW  1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F91
8 WATERFALL / BURDETT  1926Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F99
9 WATERFALL / BURROWS  1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F73
10 WATERFALL / Clark  1910Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F135
11 WATERFALL / HAY  1909Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F98
12 WATERFALL / Pitchford  1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F134
13 WATERFALL / Pybus  1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F133
14 WATERFALL / SPENCER  Nov 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F11
15 Webb / WATERFALL  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F143
16 Whiteley / WATERFALL  1947Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F145
17 Wildgoose / WATERFALL  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F136