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101 Abraham gives his occupation as an Agricultural Labourer. WATERFALL Abraham (I444)
102 According to the 1911 census James & Jane had 13 children. I have managed to find 14 that could be theirs. Those children that died need to be researched to check if they are correct. BEWSHER James (I1005)
103 Ada Mary LAURITSEN Mary was born April 18, 1917 in Raipur, C.P., India, the eldest daughter of the late Sir Francis and Lady Waterfall, Exeter, U.K., and died September 17, 2011 in Bellevue, WA. She is survived by sisters Helen Roberts and Ruth Howard; brother Charles Waterfall and numerous nieces and nephews in the U.K. She was preceded in death by her sister Jean Bovett, husband Reginald C. Franklin and husband John K. Lauritsen. Mary was educated in Exeter, England and worked as a secretary at St. Thomas Hospital, London from 1938-39. She served as a Section Officer in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force Balloon Command from 1941 to 1946. Mary immigrated to Seattle in 1949 with her husband Reginald C. Franklin and became a U.S. citizen in 1965. In Seattle, she worked as a secretary for various Seattle businesses including a mechanical and engineering company, Siemens Corporation and Washington Dental Service from which she retired in 1982. Mary and John K. Lauritsen were married at Juneau, Alaska in 1977 and resided for many years at the Ida Culver House Broadview. At her request, Mary will be cremated and her ashes placed with her parents at Colyton, Devon, U.K. where services will be held. A prayer service will be conducted at Evergreen-Washelli, 11111 Aurora Avenue N., Seattle at 1:00 pm, Saturday, October 15, 2011. WATERFALL Ada Mary (I1093)
104 Aded 48 years. WATERFALL Ralph (I5)
105 Adelaide Louisa otherwise Adelaide Louise of The Vassons, manor Park, Darington, Pontefract died 12 January 1990. Probate Leeds 1 June. Not exceeding 100000. PUGH Adelaide Louisa (I204)
106 admitted to Laverstock Asylum on the 8 May 1883. She was aged 52 and her address was 6 St Peters Terrace, Bournemouth and she was married. Harriett was discharged on the 18 February 1884 - relieved KNAPP Harriot Anne (I767)
107 Agd 75years. WATERFALL Thomas (I354)
108 Age 29. Died of Consumption. JUDD Elizabeth (I44)
109 Age 72years. PEARCEY Elizabeth Maria (I90)
110 Aged 0 years WATERFALL William Edward (I280)
111 Aged 0 years WATERFALL Sarah Ann (I204)
112 Aged 0 years WATERFALL William Henry (I193)
113 Aged 0 years WATERFALL Ann Elizabeth Copley (I162)
114 Aged 0 years WATERFALL Charles (I1149)
115 Aged 0 years. TAYLOR Herbert Edward (I228)
116 Aged 0 years. WATERFALL Ada Fanny (I173)
117 Aged 0 years. JONES Nancy (I1682)
118 Aged 0 years. WARNER Barbara (I1589)
119 Aged 0 years. WATERFALL Albert Frederick (I1358)
120 Aged 0 years. EVANS Benjamin John (I1733)
121 Aged 0 years. WATERFALL Edward Thomas (I334)
122 Aged 0years WATERFALL Peter (I960)
123 Aged 1 year WATERFALL William Edward (I280)
124 Aged 1 year WATERFALL Matilda (I203)
125 Aged 1 year WATERFALL Bert T (I57)
126 Aged 1 year WATERFALL James (I442)
127 Aged 1 year WATERFALL Edward (I286)
128 Aged 1 year WATERFALL Edward (I286)
129 Aged 1 year. WATERFALL Adelaide Copley (I163)
130 Aged 1 year. WATERFALL Charles (I417)
131 Aged 1 Year. EVANS Mary Ellen (I1732)
132 Aged 10 Months. WATERFALL William (I497)
133 Aged 10 weeks WATERFALL Mary Jane (I179)
134 Aged 10 weeks WATERFALL Mary Jane (I179)
135 Aged 10 years.

From the Annual Monitor 1823, page 5.
He was the youngest son of George and Mary Coates, of Sutton in the Forest, Yorkshire. After a lingering complaint of several months, the last few days of his life were attended with great sufferings, which he bore with patience, saying: "My Saviour suffered more for me; and with more patience than I suffer." He was desirous of having a little ease at the last, which was mercifully granted-as he appeared to be asleep for upwards of an hour, and so quietly passed away; leaving his relations no reason to doubt, that he is gone to everlasting rest. 
COATES George (I972)
136 Aged 10 years.

SYDER-Dec 27, at the residence of his uncle, Mr. Edward Syder, Tithebarn Farm, Knowsley, aged 10 years, Seymour Hartley, only son of the late Mr Mark Syder. (source: Liverpool Mercury, 1 Jan 1869) 
SYDER Seymour Hartley (I182)
137 Aged 11 months BEWSHER Joseph (I1002)
138 Aged 11 months WATERFALL Charles Henry (I762)
139 Aged 11 months. BRINE Henry Edward (I1636)
140 Aged 11 years. WATERFALL Hannah (I257)
141 Aged 11 years. WHINCUP Mary (I628)
142 Aged 12 years WATERFALL Alice (I45)
143 Aged 12 years. WATERFALL Constance Winifred (I1028)
144 Aged 13 weeks BEWSHER John (I1001)
145 Aged 14 years WATERFALL Arthur (I1164)
146 Aged 14 years. WATERFALL Jemima (I11)
147 Aged 14 years. HEYDON Charity Celia (I767)
148 Aged 15 months BEWSHER Alice Ann (I999)
149 Aged 15 years WATERFALL Fanny (I242)
150 Aged 15 years WATERFALL Fanny (I242)

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